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SiteBuilderBuilder is the Reseller Program for hosting providers, web agencies and media provider who want to provide to their customers and annovative site builder with their brand. 

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How to configure your site builder


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01.How to configure your Sitebuilder


Here you find a guide for you to configure your Site Builder.
Log into with your keys and follow the steps:

1.    Customization: insert your logo photos that will appear in the editor sidebar, in the Paypal payment page and in the "Recovery Password" page;

2.    Pricing and payment method: set both monthly and yearly price for the Pro version to be proposed to your end users. You can disable the monthly subscription and sell in your currency. Please mind that the final price (the one that your user will pay) is calculated using euro as currency. The “equivalent Price in your currency” is the one that will be shown to the end user during the purchase proces.
Select your Payment System: set your payment gateway to receive payments and insert the relative information;

3.    Your editor domain: choose your Site Builder domain, that is your portal URL, the one used by your clients to access the editor. There are 3 available options:
-  Create a new website with Flazio. In this case Flazio will give you all the components you need to create your portal together with a 40% yearly discount for Flazio PRO subscription for your new website. You can choose new domain or link your current domain.
-  Create a subdomain like "", point DNS for this subdomain to Flazio IP ( Then subscribe Flazio PRO with a 50% yearly discount. Flazio will provide the "registration" and "recovery password" widgets;
-  You can insert an access/registration form into your website. In this case Flazio will give you the API documentation to create your widget by yourself. However you have to create a subdomain like "", point DNS for this subdomain to Flazio IP ( and subscribe Flazio PRO with a 50% yearly discount.

4.    Balance: set your credit card or your PayPal account to recharge your credit and select the amount of the first charge. For each pro subscription activation, the monthly or yearly fee will be deducted from your balance.

Once your Settings are complete, your Site Builder will be activated within 24 hours. 
You can find your pricing board in the section Reseller Pricing, in the main menu.


Editor Features

Discover videoguides to learn how to use the widgets of your editor and your advanced features.

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